Sada-e-librarian is like the little swallow who approached to put off the Namrood’s fire with a few drops of water in his beak. Someone questioned, how could these few drops put the Namrood’s fire off. He answered, the fire would not be put off by these drops of water. But this effort will surely make me one of the beloved of Hazrad Ibraheem (A.S) on the day of judgement. Likewise our effort will neither bring any revolution to Pakistani librarianship nor we wish to do so. It is just an effort in the footsteps of that little swallow’s way of thinking. Sada-e-librarian is not a representative of either any professional association or any political group and is not having such future plan. This effort is only for library professionals. Its aim is to provide them material for fulfilment of their educational devotion and information about their profession. It also represents that good English speaking skills and higher degrees are not conditioned for wise and intellectual conversation. As the wisdom and intellect reveals the experience and mystical insight of man. Which is not earned from the learning institutions and university degrees but is the evidence of the benefit of some wise mentor. It may be the most bitter and unforgettable lesson learnt from the hurdles of life. It is also the evidence, if you are sincere and have passion to help others, you can do anything inspite of not having resources.