How to reduce stress in a day

Syeda Sundeela fayyaz

<p>HOW TO REDUCE YOUR STRESS IN A DAY</p> <p>Stress has become a part of our life. It lives with us whether we are alone, in a gathering or with our love ones. Stress is a disease with no physical appearance but it is deep instilled within us that it cannot be detached easily from our lives. Scientifically stress is a natural reaction to stimulus in our environment and commonly it is nothing but negative state of our mind. Stress emerges out when we are frustrated, we start blaming ourselves for every situation, we restrict ourselves from being happy.<br /> The only way you can handle the stress is if you significantly lower your expectations of success and comfort. The most important thing to deal stress is to learn how to handle stress because there is always something to be stressed about so in this case your attitude towards that stress handling is the most important thing to deal with the problem. This can best be said as A PROBLEM IS 99%HOW YOU REACT TO it.&nbsp;</p> <p>Releasing stress is essential to good health.There are many ways you can do every day to stay stress free and healthy.</p> <p>1.CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOUR<br /> Hundred of scientists researched that your behaviour affects your mental health. Change your behaviour or attitude and half of the problem is gone.Stress goes hand in hand with negativity.It is important to let go all the negative thoughts coming in your mind and accept that we cannot control everything. &nbsp;what we control however is the way we think. Try to think positive and everything will soon be fine.</p> <p>2.CONNECT WITH NATURE<br /> A really good way to release stress is to go for a walk and connect with nature.</p> <p>2.BREATHING AND MEDITATE<br /> You can handle the stress by breathing and meditating as it makes our mind calm down. Don&rsquo;t get disappointed if it does not work at first, it takes a good amount of time and mental discipline to actually learn how to meditate so that it benefits you. Enjoy a 2 min reprieve and concentrate on relaxing. Sit up straight ,close your eyes and breathe in through your nose and take it out by your mouth. This breathing in and out is a very effective way of relaxation.</p> <p>3.YOGA &nbsp;AND DAILY EXERCISE<br /> Yoga is the best way to reduce stress. By doing yoga it makes you fresh and active all the day. Daily exercise or a 10-20mins walk or jogging will also keep you active and improve your mental health. Play a sport as this the most powerful way of losing stress.</p> <p>4.FRIENDS<br /> Friends are a very important part of our life. We can share our problems with them and get relaxed, laugh on silly things you did together as laughter is itself a therapy to reduce stress.</p> <p>5.GOOD SLEEP<br /> Sleep at least 7 hours, lower temperature in your room, turn off electronic devices 1 hour before going to bed and read a good book.This practice help you relax.</p> <p>6.LISTENING<br /> Listening to other people is the quintessential positive interpersonal and communication behaviour. when we listen to somebody else it is a form of stress releaser as it distract our mind from what we are going through.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> 7.DISTRACT YOURSELF&nbsp;<br /> The best way to stop taking stress is to distract your mind by occupying it with other thoughts and activities. Just calm down and think about what makes you happy.</p> <p>8.DRINK WATER<br /> Drinking more water relieves stress.<br /> &nbsp;</p>